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He'll Be Waiting

April 6, 2021

When Tess Porter agrees to pick up her boyfriend’s college pal at the airport on a snowy December night, she has no idea she’s about to embark on the most dangerous ride of her life. 

Two days later, the 17-year-old wakes up in a hospital with broken bones, unable to remember how she got there. Her parents are acting strange, and neither James, her boyfriend, nor her best friend, Izzy, has visited. 

As she struggles to physically recover, Tess wrestles with haunting questions: What happened? Will her memory ever return? And what if she’s better off not recalling any of it?


Sad Sacked

Expected release November 11, 2021

When Liz Alterman and her husband, Rich, lose their jobs within six weeks of each other, they're thrown into a tailspin that makes them question everything. Should they change fields? Will they still able to pay their mortgage? How long can they continue to splurge on luxury items like mouthwash and butter?

Teeming with the challenges of navigating the modern-day employment landscape while raising a family, this tale will resonate with anyone who's ever applied for a job, lost a job, or haggled over the price of avocados.

Pre-order information coming soon.


The Perfect Neighborhood

July 12, 2022

Think you know your neighbors? Think again.

When actress Allison Langley leaves her former rockstar husband in the middle of the night, her sudden departure becomes the talk of Oak Hill. But the gossip comes to an abrupt halt when five-year-old Billy Barnes disappears on his walk home from kindergarten.



Storyteller at Heart

Liz Alterman lives in New Jersey with her husband and three sons. She spends most days repeatedly microwaving the same cup of coffee and looking up synonyms.

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