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Book Club

Discussion Questions

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The Perfect Neighborhood

  • How does the title work in relation to the book's contents?

  • Was there one character  you connected with more than the others? If so, who and why?

  • At what age would you allow your child to walk home from school either alone or with a friend?

  • Discuss the various relationships within the novel. Which were the strongest and which were the most toxic?

  • Phil Foster is different since he returned from Afghanistan. How do you think his experiences shaped the way he behaves?

  • Did you suspect the villain, and, if so, at what point in the story?

  • If you're a parent or own a home in a seemingly “perfect neighborhood,” did this story change your perspective in any way? If so, how?

  • Discuss the ending. What do you think is next for each of the characters?

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Discussion Questions

He'll Be Waiting

  • Tess Porter allows her love for her boyfriend, James, to cloud her judgement when he asks to drive to the airport in a snowstorm to pick up his friend. What would you have done in that situation? 


  • At the start of the novel, Tess is at odds with her best friend, Izzy. Discuss their relationship and how it evolves throughout the story.


  • Lydia suggests Tess begin writing in a diary to help recall and process the events that led to her hospitalization. Have you ever kept a journal or diary and did you find it helpful?


  • Tess's mother has a secret. Discussion how her deception impacts her relationships within her family and beyond.


  • How does Annie Banks shift Tess’s attitude and worldview?


  • When Rob takes an interest in Tess, initially, she hesitates. What would you have done in her shoes?


  • This novel illustrates the interconnectedness of our actions and their ripple effect. Have you experienced this in your life? To what degree?


  •  What do you hope will happen next for Tess?

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